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Hello Friends....

I am a Graduate of Shiva Shanti Yoga School,

I also have a Chair Yoga and Accessible Yoga Certifications.

I currently have 500 plus teaching hours.


I decided to become a yoga teacher because of the transformation I have experienced through my yoga practice: peace of mind, greater body awareness

and well-being.


Currently I teach Mixed Level Flow and Alignment classes at Shiva Shanti Yoga School. I also teach Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga at Clifton Senior Center, Cresskill Library and East Rutherford Library, Daughters Of Miriam assisted living, Clifton, NJ.


I enjoy working with adults of all ages.

My special interest is in working with the senior population and in doing so I have developed a deeper sense of the aging body and its’ needs.

The focus of my classes are about gaining: flexibility, alignment, balance and strength, which are common body issues  in all age groups so the teacher must be mindful of the students’ needs.


My classes are organized around a Yoga practice

which stresses:

- A slow and gentle pace

- Simplicity and focus

- Letting go of any expectations or presumptions

of what yoga is in relationship to age.


I teach with and encourage use of props help ease the student into the pose. As a teacher of yoga, I am here to serve the student.

My Teacher - My Mentor - Shivadasi, Felise Berman


- 200 Hour RYT Certification, Shiva  Shanti Yoga School, Rutherford, NJ

- Chair Yoga Certification,  Charlotte Stone Yoga, Teaneck, NJ. 

- Acessible Yoga Certification, Integral Yoga Institue, NY, NY

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